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About Us

Mega Max Tv Pvt.Ltd owns and operates Max Tv, Nepal's MSO. With constantly good network delivery, high-caliber experience, and advise shared with our clients, Max Tv has been able to serve the residents with an amazing reputation for quality and reliability. Max Tv is one of the country's most well-known MSOs, providing cutting-edge services to approximately 4 lakhs of satisfied customers. Max Tv saw a demand for high-speed internet access among locals so Max Net was founded to meet the needs of its television viewers. Max Net pledges to serve every business and home user with quick, inexpensive internet service to its user.



Popular Services

One Family One Net Max Net

Cable TV

Max Net Solutions offers Two Way Interactive Digital TV with wide range of 250+ HD Tv.


Max Net Solutions offers a dual-band which is capable of transmitting data 5 GHz.

24×7 Support

Max Net Solutions provides industry standard 24×7 Support service with